About Us

With more than 9 years of experience in the field of employment, ProLeafic offers a variety of services to clients from all business sectors. Our employment consultants and administrative staff are encouraged to develop a variety of skills to offer high quality services.
ProLeafic, actively involved in its activities, also encourages members of its team to participate in various events in business circles as well as in society.
This line of conduct reflects well the core values of our organization: teamwork, versatility, innovation and commitment.
Are you interested in getting a job with us? We invite you to send your resume along with a cover letter.

We're doing it for you
Job search has changed. Don't look for any more from today! Let us introduce you to the companies and job offers that suit you. The choice is yours!
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Learn about the business environment. View their photos, videos, suggested perks and more. Project onto their home!
You have value
Our approach is unique. We automatically offer your profile to companies looking for someone like you. Let them charm you!

We work with both employers and help in finding vacancies. The competence of our selection specialists corresponds to all modern methods and approaches in this not simple matter. When contacting us, we conclude an agreement on the basis of which we begin to work.
Our main task is to find a competent specialist or an excellent company for you as soon as possible.
For all questions, you can write in our contact form.


For worker
210€/per month
drafting a summary
one trial interview
maintenance before the start of work
several job choices
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For employer
520€/per month
submission of a minimum of five candidates
warranty in employee search
providing our employee base
indicative interview with a candidate to train your HR managers
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